Better Life by Design

السلام عليكم Peace be upon you.
My name is Sandra Draskovic and I practice as an architect, interior designer, urban activist, and a creative mind. Since October 2012, I teach interior design at the Raffles International Institute in Mongolia and write for Home magazine bringing the best of interior world-wide design scene. In the free time, I love to dance belly dance and salsa or experiments with an Arabic and Balkan recipes. Recently I fell in love with Thai food during my trip to Thailand. I believe that life gets better by design.
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  • Oppi festival is a unique, non-profit celebration of learning and education produced by Suklaa and The Finnish Institute in London. Claudia Barwell (Director of Learning) and Darina Garland (Co-founder and Director) are two of the driving forces behind the creative education consultancy Suklaa.

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