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My name is Sandra Draskovic and I practice as an architect, interior designer, urban activist, and a creative mind. Since October 2012, I teach interior design at the Raffles International Institute in Mongolia and write for Home magazine bringing the best of interior world-wide design scene. In the free time, I love to dance belly dance and salsa or experiments with an Arabic and Balkan recipes. Recently I fell in love with Thai food during my trip to Thailand. I believe that life gets better by design.
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    Recently (end of December 2013) I have visited JIm Thompson’s (American businessman, architect, and collector) house in Bangkok. That was an extraordinary journey through the Thai inspired sedate gardens, typical wooden Thai exteriors and multistyle interiors of this magnificent piece of architecture. What he created is a remarkable collection of buildings in a stunning garden setting, made all the more spectacular due to Thompson’s mysterious disappearance during a trip to Malaysia in 1967.

    Jim Thompson, an American, who came to Thailand after the war (and interestingly was one of the partners that put up the money and energy to restore The Oriental silk after it was ransacked and looted by the Japanese during the war), Thompson set about to restore the fortune’s of the Thai silk industry. Not only a man of immense energy and determination, he also had a flawless aesthetic. In the 1950s he created his own Xanadu, a private home in the capital using traditional materials, yet reflecting his personal taste and style.

    Using parts of six different Thai dwellings, Thompson reassembled them and added his own touches to the building throughout the construction stage. The buildings were then filled with collections of his antiques, including Chinese blue and white Ming pieces, Burmese statues and a dining table which was once used by King Rama V of Thailand.

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    Photos by sandraskovic